Touch is Powerful - Both Sexual & Non-sexual
Touch therapy is a powerful tool for self discovery.  I use touch therapy to help people connect with themselves and in finding a meaningful place in the world. More simply put... I help people to reconnect with the pleasure of receiving compassionate touch and indulging, fully in the joy of that basic human need.  - Michelle

The Therapeutic Intimate Touch Institute is mainly a sharing, support and teaching institute for Massage Therapists, Professional Sexual Healers, their clients, Swingers, Polyamorous, & all adults who seek to explore caring, high touch intimacy (both sexual and non-sexual) for emotional, physical and spiritual enrichment regardless of your religious beliefs.

Goal: To share and support sensual sharing with others that are satisfying and nurturing. To help people overcome fears and judgments in our culture that our sexual self has to limit its expression to only certain people.    Much of the blame for why so many in our culture need sexual healing is due to Christian sexually repressive traditions that have no biblical basis.  These unbiblical traditions effect our culture regardless of your own particular religious belief.

The emphasis of therapeutic Intimate touch is on learning non-sexual techniques such as massage, especially Esalen massage, sensate focusing, or just good non-sexual physical intimacy, more than  "just" sex.  In addition Sexual Pleasure Sharing can also be very positive, is not dirty or sinful when sharing is mutually desired between consenting adults.

While I strongly support all consenting adult sex positive activities, done with honestly (such as recreational sex swinging as couples) this website is not about "just" great sex.

This site is for those interested more in what I call "universal love" and expressing love via responsible, safe, caring, sensual, intimacy which is far beyond sex.  For many such as myself, it is far more satisfying than just sex.  For some it will not involve sexual intercourse or direct sexual activity.  For others, the combination of intimacy skills and responsible sexuality = "intimate sexuality"  which is far more than just groping, blow jobs and thrusting of bodies.

In my view, "universal love" is not limited to just certain people, like spouses or long-term relationships.  Various degrees of sensual intimacy can be expressed in my experience even with someone you just met, if you are both of like minds wanting to share sensually.    "New Relationship Energy" is also very powerful.  And "universal love" can be shared in my view even with paid sexual healers, for the moment.

Sadly  romantic love, often results  in dependency, jealousy and possessiveness - which to me is the opposite of real love.  Universal love, is based on standing in love, not falling in love.  It can be for the moment even if it will not be in a long-term relationship.   Some folks however, will not understand or agree with this concept.  It goes against all that our selfish, sexually immature culture teaches.  You can seek to be set free from such limiting traditions if you so choose.  But our ideas are not for everyone, which I respect.

If there is enough interest, sharing groups, workshops and networking may link like minded massage therapists, sexworkers, clients, swingers or others in key cities, especially Phoenix, Toronto and Victoria, B.C.

A Future Vision for Sexuality in the World

In an interview with sex guru and former prostitute Annie Sprinkle, Annie has a vision for the future where:

"No one will ever go hungry for sex because there will be sex kitchens all over town serving sex instead of soup. Sex is a powerful healing tool which will be used regularly in hospitals and psychiatric clinics.

Sex workers will be highly respected for the important work they do and desire will be decriminalized. Betty Dodson will be able to realize her dream of having orgasms across America on TV. She'll raise enough money to end world hunger. 

In the future, everybody will be so sexually satisfied, there'll be an end to violence, rape and war. We will establish contact with extra-terrestrials and they will be very sexy."

From Dave's E-mail - Yet another with Dave's Intimacy Fetish :(
I receive many E-mails from men that are thrilled to find they are not alone in seeking more intimacy than just sex.  Here is a recent 4/02 E-mail that is so typical of many I receive:

I am 32 years old and have always felt that my overwhelming desire for intimacy was somewhat odd or strange. Nearly all of my male friends are either embarrassed by their sexuality or are only interested groping or having quick meaningless intercourse with a "perfect" physical specimen. Not only is this uninteresting to me, often, my choice of the ideal female form has less to do with the rock hard body and more to do with the art of her touch.

Most of the clubs in my area (Missouri) have legislated out everything I once enjoyed about them. I was amazed to hear you talk about your experiences in reverse massage or massaging dancers. This is what I used to love to do, and no longer am allowed in most places. I'm sure my attempts are not nearly as professional or effective as your Esalen techniques, but I enjoy giving as much as receiving.

Your nude-reverse-release experiences in Toronto sound perfect!

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